Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Usability Sex Speed

We have recently heard a lot about the different preferences of men and women when it comes to designing and viewing web sites. I do agree. Perhaps this is oversimplifying, but women generally like bright colours, curved lines, organic forms, pictures of people, smiling faces, while men tend to prefer clean straight lines. Any commercial mass market site should ideally appeal to both.

This isn't exactly a web site, but in terms of the guidelines presented to us, I don't suppose you can get any more masculine than this. And the real websites I created earlier have followed the same lines. Does that mean that to broaden appeal I will be sticking in reams of poncy graphics to fluff up the site and slow down page loading? Does it hell!

Every site has its own style. Mine is simple. Plain. Fast. The ultimate male ;)


Anonymous said...


The more I read your blogs, the more I want to say: "You're Pluto". You're Pluto because in my simple mind, even a dwarf planet is bigger than a star, so take it as a compliment matey.

Ann said...

Actually your blog has quite a female aesthetic. It is light and bright and doesn't have many straight lines. You don't always use the same font, I'm sure by accident rather than design.

You could make it more masculine by choosing other blogger templates. The white text on black has more of a male aesthetic.

Equally you could make it more appealing to the female audience by introducing more images.

Blogger doesn't afford too much flexibility though.

RNB said...

Hmm, being compared with a pathetic little excuse for a planet that doesn't even qualify anymore ... and I wasn't actually trying for the maximum macho effect ;)

It was all about speed and efficiency. Speed to load - no extra graphics and no big pictures unless necessary. And speed to read - short lines and limited paragraphs.

Simple. Plain. Fast. Universal?

Faisal said...

You sexy thing, you!