Sunday, July 15, 2007

Flesh and blood

OK, a "cheery" thought ;)

Imagine someone you know is in a monstrous accident. I'm not sick. You're only imagining, not hoping.

This is not your average car crash , but an enormous splurge of blood and guts, the like of which is only seen in X-rated movies and video games. Perhaps one saving grace, the head and brain are instantly crushed to a pulp, so instant death and no pain.

However, the rest of the body is splattered into a thousand pieces, with bits of flesh and bone and bone marrow all over the place.

Now, if you are the sort of strange person who thinks every potential human life is a life worth saving, then every bit of that bone marrow needs to picked up and cared for separately. Because each individual bit could have individual stem cells that could grow up into completely independent human beings.

Dumb eh?


Ann said...

Do people really think this? I guess you're thinking about research on embryos, which have a natural place to grow and develop, stem cells, however, do not.

RNB said...

It is true that some people do struggle to differentiate between haploid and diploid eggs, blastocytes, embyros, foetuses, babies, etc though the boundaries are not always clear.

However that's not what I said at all. Perhaps there are not many of them in the UK, but I suggested that some people do think that stem cells deserve human rights.

Faisal said...

The real question is, do Iraqis deserve human rights?

RNB said...

I would like to see what the pope thinks of this