Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No title here

Someone may be born into royalty but not deserve national adulation, but someone deserving national adulation may need to accept royalty to accept the title.

Just as when eating somewhere new I am searching for the perfect meal, when standing on the edge of the penalty area with the ball at my feet I am searching for the perfect goal, so when writing here I am searching for the perfect way to blog.

Many people would say there is no perfect way to blog, every meal ends up in the same place and every goal counts the same in the end. But I still believe that it is worthwhile to strive for it.

And I have said before that I am concerned about the placement and usage of every word in every post, but unfortunately that has not always been the case with the titles. I tend to write what I need to say, then slap a title on at the end.

However, occasionally some titles just fit properly. Just look at the last few. The last question tied in the hype and mystery surrounding the last Harry Potter novel with what I think is the epitome of the short story. The dyslexic Belgian was a term coined by the Bengali comic who was the subject of the post. And Representation was perhaps the purest example of a word that exactly conveyed the essence of the article.

But I still haven't got a title here. A tabloid editor would have started with one, and a big donor to the ruling party would have ended with one.


Ann said...

There's still time to arrive at a title.

RNB said...

How much time? And to what title are you referring?

Anonymous said...

Sir Rana Banerjee

RNB said...

After what I just wrote, I aint ever being knighted. But I wasn't talking about that sort of title anyway?