Friday, July 13, 2007

Jake Bullet, Cybernautics

I've already written a second post describing my detective work, but as we get more senior in organisations, more time is spent working in traffic control rather than in the CID.

Business school and business books have spent a lot of time on the differences between being a manager, a delegator and a leader. Ideally more emphasis should be on the third.

Is that really like being a traffic signal?

You have to choose the appropriate direction for the cars or people or information to travel. If you choose the direction well, then they will get where they need to go without noticing you. But if you were not present, they would not know where they were meant to be going, or they would crash.

Equally, when there is a blockage in your path, then a good traffic signal at that location should allow the obstructions to clear permitting you to continue your journey with minimal delay.

Isn't that the type of manager that you would like to see?

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Visplane Overflow said...

Cybernautics? That's traffic control.