Friday, July 27, 2007

Ha ha lal

It does not happen often, but I'm going out for a meal this evening, hence an early posting. When choosing somewhere to go, if the menu proudly displayes a "halal" message, should that affect your decision to eat there?

Most of us care about the welfare of animals, how they live and how they die. Halal meat is not killed according to the latest things that we have learned about pain and consciousness, but instead killed according to an old superstition.

Would a cut to the throat, however clean, stop pain as quickly as a bolt to the head? Think about it. Can cells continue to function for at least a few seconds without a blood supply? Use your brain.

A one page blog is not evidence. But even if all scientific and medical officers said there was evidence of less suffering to the animal if it was stunned before cutting, would you believe them, or would you wait for a mullah to give you his new enlightenment first?


v!sh said...

Don't even get me started on this one please...

Faisal said...
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Faisal said...

I am Muslim.
I am also vegan.
My pets don't think I am an infidel.

RNB said...

Are you really Muslim? If there was scientific evidence contradicting something in the Koran, would you believe the evidence?

Faisal said...

Of course I am and of course I would. Muslim is not a synonym for ignoramus or religious zealot, and of course you know that.

Extremists don't get to qualify who is a Muslim or not. Most people don't take their religious text as the ultimate truth. A holy book provides a context and a spiritual guide and...I guess, that's it.

But people can and do use it to justify whatever they want.

BTW, I gave up on the vegan diet. The farts were toxic and incessant.