Friday, July 20, 2007

Efficiency at work

One thing I dislike about pictures on the web is the size of them compared to text - it all comes down to usability again - when it comes to loading pages, we all like speed.

Despite the usual absence of pictures, I do care about how these posts look as well as how they sound and how they read.

But occasionally a picture helps to prove a point. So I drew one.

We had an all day workshop today, in a room that we often use for meetings, and one thing that I keep saying in these sessions is that my team is there to help to make things run more efficiently, like good traffic lights.

The details of how today's action points will affect our work will be picked up again next week. And they may be company confidential anyway. But I can't help myself on this efficiency thing, just look at how the room is laid out...

Now the presenters are always at the head or point of the table near the screen, otherwise everyone would need to keep turning their heads

but the layout of the table, narrower at the big screen end and wider at the back, makes the presenter constantly obstructed by other people's heads

the screen can't be easily moved, so why the hell don't they just turn the table around?


Ann said...

And did you suggest this?

RNB said...

You know the room I'm talking about ;)

I do suggest it. But the other meeting attendees just shrug. I need to raise it with the owners of the building. This is just the first step...

Anonymous said...

Which meeting room Rana?

Faisal said...

If you turn the table around, then the legs will be left poking up in the air and that creates a Health and Safety issue.

Also, it will be difficult to inspect everyone's ears and look at the speaker at the same time.

The solution is to dim the lights and hang the speaker from the ceiling.