Saturday, July 14, 2007

Liars and jokers

Yesterday I got some serious questioning along the lines of "just because the Astrology didn't work for you, does not mean that it doesn't work for anybody".

However unpleasant and smelly the word, that is bullsh*t. I'm not weaseling out with "maybes" and "probabilities".

If you say that you have a special superpower, that you've received the divine gift of flight or telekinesis or telepathy or you've decided that an ancient public book correctly predicted the exact date and time and location of all of today's main news, then you are joking. Or lying.

And sorry but I am not going to examine mental illness and psychotic delusion here.

I have not tested you, I have not seen the evidence with my own eyes, I have not read every line of text and studied every chart that you claim is proof. An anecdote is not proof. What you are saying is scientific nonsense and therefore it is nonsense until proven otherwise.

Sorry this was a predictable post. And I'll try to stay off this subject for a while now; it's crap, that's it.


Anonymous said...

You missed some essential points in the discussion - though it began with astrology - it went all over from palmistry to religon to God to reincarnation to...

RNB said...

Anonymous, I know who you are!

Not psychic power, you told me ;)

I wasn't trying to cover all the points of the discussion individually ... the main note makes clear what I think of all that.

Faisal said...

I predict much farting after your next curry.