Sunday, July 22, 2007

The dyslexic Belgian

Last night I went to see the comedian and if.comedy.award finalist Paul Sinha give another preview performance of the show he is presenting next month at the Edinburgh Festival. I cannot really give an objective review - my parents have known his parents for forty years and we were part of the same little community in South London in the 1970s. So I'll just say the show was bloody excellent ;)

The title of the show is "king of the world", not a grand analysis of global empires, but reflections on those brief instants when you've just pointed out something funny that no-one else had noticed or got a little personal compliment, and just for a second you felt absolutely untouchable.

My thought for the day - I think everybody has those moments. We all have new and strange experiences every single day. But the main difference between the good comic, or the good blogger, and everyone else, is that they store that little nuance and share it with the world - most of us just grin and move on.

Time for me to grin and move on.


Faisal said...

I feel like king of the world when I make a play that results in a goal. Humour has its moments, but I find them far more fleeting.

Anonymous said...

Ah - dyslexic Belgian = Bengali!