Monday, July 16, 2007

Der Inder und das Bier

The recent stuff has been all about big issues and deep questions. Time for a genuine little aside about the family.

Not having a proper pension, since retiring my dad has kept afloat with the odd minor role in a few TV shows such as Eastenders and the Bill and the League of Gentlemen, adverts for Natwest and Drifter, and also the occasional one-off such as the Moonstone and Murder in Mind and Syriana. But he's not famous, no-one outside our community would recognise him.

He recently returned from a short trip abroad with a few press cuttings. Attached. The text is in German. The contents slightly surprised me.

A colleague and friend recently left here to return to his home in Germany, and he just called me from his office in Munich and confirmed it. My dad is apparently very well known throughout Bavaria as the star of a major advertising campaign that has been running for five years!

Not bad for a formerly homeless penniless refugee.

Probably back to serious issues tomorrow.


Ann said...

That's fantastic! I once registered with an agency for work as an extra in Australia but think I was conned out of $80 AUD as I never got any work. I was surprised because so many people had called me a drama queen I thought I was a natural.

Anonymous said...

I was once actually paid for modcelling for a local shampoo (don't ever say I am balding)

Anonymous said...

Here are the TV adverts, they have been shown throughout Germany