Sunday, July 29, 2007

More than a PLC

I'm going to stick with this advert theme for a moment.

This morning, like most Sunday mornings, I played football on the other side of London. Unlike most Sunday mornings, I came back on the tube.

As I travelled up the Victoria line in my amateur football kit, I was struck by the huge numbers of people in Emirates shirts, presumably heading up to the Emirates stadium. The league season has not started yet, and they didn't look like they had their footie boots on so I guessed they were not players, and were going up to contribute money to the impoverished players and sponsors at that new stadium in Islington.

I'm probably being harsh on the genuine fan who supports the club not the sponsor, but when the name of the sponsor is so much more prominent than the club badge then it is a fair target. Though it is probably not fair to only pick on Arsenal. They play great football. And all big clubs sell out nowadays don't they? No, not all do.


Ann said...

Was there a split infinitive there? I know they're acceptable now but you did have an alternative. I know this is dangerous territory as my posts are full of holes.

Anyway, the post is very interesting. I tried to get Ford involved in Cause Related Marketing and we did stuff for five years giving away £1.25 million. Interestingly the charity valued their logo attached to our media spend, more than the cash.

We were the biggest brand working with them at the time, and it's interesting that now we've abandoned the cause, hundreds of other brands have stepped in. I've been amazed at the sheer volume of companies working with the charity we abandoned.

Barcelona will see an increase in their brand equity. I wonder whether that has a value that is the equivalent to lost logo placement revenue. I think so.

RNB said...

I still don't see the error ... but I always appreciate your comments :)

Anyway, posts passim, I would always prefer my sentences to "sound" correct rather than to follow any official rules.

But as always, the main objective is to clearly convey the desired message. I love football but don't love football clubs.