Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reason or treason

Things that are valued are limited. Most people value uncluttered fields and woodland, the traditional British countryside. But if you believe that some people should have privileged access to that woodland just because their ancestors beat up your ancestors, then you are denying us those limited resources. You cannot claim that every child should have equal opportunity if you also claim that some children should have privileged opportunity.

By the way, tourists do not come to Britain to see the royal family. Tourists do not see the royal family. But imagine how many more tourists would come to Britain if they could walk around the actual rooms where the royal family used to live!

The Queen may be doing a good job, a well rewarded job. But imagine that the Queen, Charles and William were in a terrible accident. I'm not sick, you're only imagining, not hoping. I guess then we would be subjects of King Harry. Would you bow before him?


Ann said...

You should join the Ramblers

RNB said...

You know I don't like Rambling ... that's why I try to stick to three paragraphs in each blog post ;))