Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How to leave

It's not easy to know what to say when leaving somewhere after being employed there for the best part of a decade.

If leaving voluntarily, you are likely to have been offered more money elsewhere, but it's not easy to say that in a subtle manner which would not sever any ties. Perhaps you could also briefly describe the things that you have liked and disliked about your job. You should probably also welcome everybody for a few leaving drinks.

It might even be possible to place into your leaving note the precise trigger that made you depart, and maybe even refer to the actual time and place where you made your decision.

And all this should ideally be said within about three short paragraphs, my self-imposed "haiku" note ideal. Oh, I've past my limit now, will have to give an example tomorrow…


Ann said...

Where are you going? :)

v!sh said...

Rana - I am scared now...are you moving to US? Will we be watching: "Rana Banerjee comes to America?" anytime soon on telly?

Faisal said...

Something like:

I have decided not to let the management of this company debase me on a daily basis. Therefore, I have been using company time to compose cover letters and polish up my CV. Yesterday it culminated in a job offer that will finally allow me to move to a nicer area and actually enjoy life.

I will celebrate on company time this Friday afternoon. So and so are welcome to join me.