Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Fundamental Interconnectness of Frying DNA

The invisible hand of DNA permeates almost everything here. Elements of this blog have also hinted that the true meaning of life is in Monty Python, but that answer just complements the ultimate question.

Douglas Noel Adams was a student at Cambridge, and indeed in the legendary Footlights, and so were the origins of Monty Python. Also there were Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. The first of these two is the star of House MD, about which much has been said on this site. I recently posted hints at a horrific leg break, Stephen also suffered a horrific fracture very recently. I do not repost pictures, but my radiologist friends can see the X-rays here.

As a result of his injury Stephen has suspended his weekly column in the Guardian. And with a non sequitur as ridiculous as awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Henry Kissinger, they have given his column to Jeanette Winterson. I've mentioned her before on this site here. Her nonsense was thoroughly disemboweled by Ben Goldacre. Ben gave a talk specifically about science and blogs on Thursday evening in London. It was at Apple.

Stephen Fry has long been a ultra fan of Apple technology. It has been reported that he bought the second Mac ever sold in Europe. So who bought the first? Douglas Adams.

He got the fracture while filming a TV show in Brazil. The show was "Last Chance to See". Of course, that was written by Douglas Adams.

So that's why I need all those links.

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