Thursday, March 27, 2008

Transatlantic Differences for the 21st Century

There is a lot of discussion in the big webworld about the increased use of applications and widgets and whether this will fundamentally change the nature of the internet. For example, anyone who reads a trusted site through a feeder (for example, through an RSS reader) is not hitting the site directly and therefore not feeding the advertising there. But I won't discuss the economics here, I'll only use web widgets to show up the difference between the UK and the US.

Stats taken from Wunderman on 26 March 2008:
Current top 10 Google Widgets (08.02.08) -
1. Official You Tube gadget
2. Movies

3. Google News


5. [sic] word of the day
6. Joke of the day
7. Google Map Search
8. Daily Horoscopes
10. Current Moon phase

Current top 10 Google Widgets (08.02.08) -
1. Horoscopes
2. To do list
3. Google News
4. Google Maps Search
5. BBC Sport | Football | UK Edition
6. Word of the day
7. - Word of the day
8. Joke of the day
9. Currency Converter
10. Pac Mac v.2.6

So here in the UK we rely on our horoscopes while the Americans watch videos?


Ann Cardus said...

Er no.

Rana said...

So Ann, you don't trust statistics from Wunderman?

Anyone, that's just what I'd expect of a Capricorn ...