Saturday, March 29, 2008

Heathrow's in a Royal Mess - Ship it Out to Sea

I love it when this happens. On November 24th I wrote: Stay Indoors and Shut the Windows

That was not the implicit government suggestion to the villagers of Sipson, for them it's move out or get bulldozed, but it was their implicit suggestion to the million people living under flight paths.

But one of out that million has voiced her displeasure, or rather one of her loyal subjects has done so on her behalf. Yes, Elizabeth Windsor may have to get double glazing at her second home, and she might even need to put up some noise insulation in the roof of her castle. Though that won't be much use while she's going for a quiet stroll in the gardens.

And exactly as I suggested back in November, as I echoed the Times guest opinion that we should be more radical, recognising the daily noise impact while not restricting economic growth, so today Labour MP Nick Raynsford echoes exactly the same suggestion: with Heathrow all at sea, put the airport in the estuary.

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