Sunday, March 16, 2008

Feedback Measures and Ideals

Yesterday I wrote about measures and feedback.

Measures. It was the UK Budget this week. Arguably the biggest economic measure decided in each budget is the proportion of revenue that is redistributed to government services such as national health and education. It seems that everybody is unhappy with it. But whereas some think it is too high, others think it is too low. So everybody may think it's wrong but maybe it's about right.

Feedback. I got some negative feedback today. Well it was actually just a quick comment from a (real world) visitor, she said that she did read the blog occasionally, but now thought the posts were getting too long. But from what I see the vast majority of posts elsewhere are far longer than these (I maintain that it is often harder to say something original concisely than to say it comprehensively) or else they are just quick "look what I've seen on the web" posts. There are at least two points of common equilibrium, and I sit between them.

So I conclude that it may be easier to determine a single ideal tax rate than a single ideal post length. But as yesterday's was long by my artificial self-imposed standards, today I'll stop here.

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