Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Wish Called Fonda

What ties my recent posts with classic English silliness with great literature with liberal politics with recently viewed movies?

Fierce Creatures - about a killing at a zoo. A wonderful under-appreciated film, the essential follow-up to another ex-python masterpiece. Links to a classic book.

Splitting Heirs - this should have been another classic. Is the UK monarchy fundamentally different from the Indian caste system?

Free Willy - a great sentient beast spared from a life of captivity. A nob joke. And another classic book.

Pinocchio - compared to X-factor finalists like puppets strung along by the real talent.

A Knight's Tale - I did say this would start getting personal.

But all this proves is that the answer to nearly everything is in Monty Python.


Ann said...

I thought it was to be found with Douglas Adams.

RNB said...

Yes Ann, you are right, well spotted! Plus I forgot my recent post about Brian (PBUH). In retrospect this blog needed a wider frame of reference anyway - relying on only one book to link everything in the universe was possibly too ambitious :)

But I think there is a lot of similarity/inheritance between the two - if Douglas Adams supplied the answer to The Meaning of Life, then the Monty Python guys deserve credit for asking the question!

cerbera said...

My willy IS free. Yay!!!