Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Adverts Brands Channels

The common face of marketing is advertising, and the common face of advertising is the brand. Due to my focus on measurable marketing, I do not talk enough about brands. I tend to discuss targeting, personalisation, data, psychology, statistics. It is all still part of marketing, but the less glamorous side of it.

But occasionally I spot things that link the two worlds and cross the line. I wrote a recent post about the failure of banner invites to attract the target audience, and hence the necessity to consider them to be part of core brand-exposure strategy. The ongoing battle between data protection legislation and data driven message personalisation is another common theme here. The best communication strategy is also dependent upon the communication channel.

Neil Perkin has a recent post with a excellent quick summary of the new world of marketing. He quotes statistics showing that there are hundreds of advertisers, even large ones, that still only choose one channel in which to blow their entire advertising budget. But as another blogger called Andy recently stated:

1. Consumers do not see the world through channels
2. 'Brand' is only the sum of the parts consumers happen upon

Very well put, as simple as ABC, and over there these points are presented in colour.

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