Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking the Rules

It's halfway through the year. It's one year into this blog. According to vjack:

  • Why do you blog? The more important traffic and readership growth are to you, the more I'd recommend a 1 post/day target.
  • How new is your blog? The newer it is, the more I'd recommend averaging 1 post/day.

  • And over the last year, I have written 1 post/day. It's one of the rules.

    It was the last day in the office for a friend today, not through choice, what is a cost saving for the client is a loss of income for the contractor. He is on Facebook, but like many, fears the consequences of potential employers looking into it. My view on that is unchanged. Everything there is public, that's why it was posted. It's the same with this blog, and I think there is already enough here to show far more numeracy, literacy, organisation and originality than in most of the CVs that I see. Some of it may be controversial, but that just shows courage and lateral thinking ability. I hope.

    So time to stop. No more daily posts. Well time to slow down anyway.

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