Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Gods In

Five recent quotes from the legendary Seth Godin:

1. The magic of low-hanging fruit

It's way more profitable to encourage each of your existing customers to spend $3 than it is to get a stranger to spend $300.

2. Only borrow money to pay for things that increase in value

It's a short list: your business, your house and your education, mostly. Stocks if you're smarter than me. That's pretty much it.

3. There is no such thing as price pressure

Your sales force and your customers may scream that you need to lower your price. It's not true. You need to increase your value. If people don't want to pay, it's because you're not delivering enough value for the money you're charging.

4. Silence is a virtue

If the best thing you can think of is a bad pun, random capitalization and a weak photo (salt and pepper included!) it's probably better to do nothing at all.

5. What if this were my last post?

Would this post be worthy?


neilperkin said...

A couple of good Seth gems in there. Thanks for sharing.

R N B said...

Thanks for the comment, the feedback always helps :)