Sunday, June 08, 2008

Time Shift Television

David Gower, Ross Kemp, Felicity Kendall, Michael Parkinson. Icons of English society.

They say: "Get Sky Plus and you can't imagine TV without it". I certainly can. TV is a lot better without it. Of course I can't imagine TV without a PVR, but there are far better ones.

"Its [Sky+] success is built on word of mouth, so it seems natural to tap into that strong sense of advocacy in our advertising," said Brian Sullivan, the managing director of Sky's customer group.

It is to old TV what Windows 3.1 is to DOS. But we've moved from Windows 3.1. For those with cable, the V+ box has more storage, can record two while watching a third, allows you to keep watching and listening while setting up schedules, the user interface is simply much better. But it does not have the same marketing.

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