Thursday, June 12, 2008

Talk Like An Apprentice

Top five examples of meaningless babbling bullshit that demonstrate absolutely nothing without a proper explanation:

1. "I'm a straight talker, I don't bullshit, I don't backstab". They all say that at the beginning. Does anybody ever say otherwise?

2. "I'm a winner". That's why you're sitting in the losing team about to get fired.

3. "I always give one hundred and ten per cent". Yes, everyone else goes around saying "I always give ninety per cent"

4. "After all I've been through, I really deserve it". Why? Oh you've had a hard life. Compared to a third world refugee?

5. "Please, I want this more than anyone". That never gets the ridicule it deserves. After four series, we finally heard Claire questioned when she repeated it in the final, but Lee used almost exactly the same words a few seconds later.

Leave it out. It impresses nobody. Except Sir Alan Sugar.

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