Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Group of Death

Choice of TV viewing today, Euro 2008 continues, and it's the final of The Apprentice.

But let's stick to football. A major football tournament can never be complete without the early establishment of a Group of Death ... This time round the reaper is pointing his bony finger in the general direction of Italy, Netherlands, France and Romania.

1. Italy: An undoubted history of success, the most consistent top achiever. But somehow has also acquired a bit of a reputation for sneaky underhand tactics.

2. Holland: The most flat, but probably my personal favourite of the four. However according to the classic quote "too orange to be taken seriously"

3. France: Another powerful and consistent contender. Has a loud and strong global presence despite a comparatively weak local league.

4. Romania: Quietly efficient. The least prominent and least recognisable of the four, but still qualified well ahead of the finals.

Incidentally, if we are to imagine an Apprentice equivalent of Group of Death, four top rated contenders, what if they brought back the two top females from last year to go with the two top females from this year?

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