Saturday, June 21, 2008

Basic Stuff

Chemistry again. Not the Girls Aloud album, not the science of predicting human attraction, neither my ABCD of the blogosphere. Just real simple high school chemistry.

To keep your drains are fresh and clear, the advertisements suggest bleach. If that doesn't work, before calling the professional drainbusters, the last throw for the consumer chemical solution is a caustic solution called one shot.

Bleach is sodium hypochlorite. One shot is concentrated sulphuric acid.



R N B said...

For any MI5 agents monitoring this, I don't want to hurt anyone, least of all me; after a week I'm still trying to clear the muck from the household drains.

Ann said...

Damn. I'm relying on you for a solution that'll clear the drain on our drive.

Dave rteckons it needs digging out. :(

R N B said...

The job's almost done. A combination of one shot (it took more than one shot) and just scooping out(big rubber gauntlet time). One word of advice, don't try the two approaches together, any splashback really hurts.