Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Truck Off

To all those who support the fuel protests.

The UK government has a "windfall" of perhaps a billion pounds because of the rapid price in the price of oil, partly through increased sale price of North Sea crude and partly through increased tax revenues on processed petrol and diesel.

We have two ways to distribute the money:

1a. Use the extra tax revenue to appease a bunch of loud-mouthed fat bullies who use their tankers to block up the roads and cause disruption to millions
1b. The majority of the benefits go to those who use the most fuel. Hummer owners benefit more than hybrid owners.

2a. Use the extra tax revenue to raise the minimum tax threshold
2b. The majority of the benefits go to the poorest members of society, those who can least afford extra fuel costs.

There are a lot of selfish bastards in this country.


Ann said...

Yep, there are. Trouble is, they're the noisy ones.

The only thing about raising the minimum tax threshold is that everyone benefits. I like the principle, I'm just not sure it's the right mechanism.

Anonymous said...

I think its unfair to dismiss out of hands the concerns of people who see their livelihoods threatened (HGV drivers/owners)due to the glaring disparity between fuel prices that they pay and their continental counterparts pay.

Small business is a fact of life and to be a small business owner you have to be selfish to protect your and your family's livelihood. Therefore to dismiss these people as selfish bastards is unfair.


R N B said...

I suppose that note did not radiate goodwill to all men. I do understand, I run a small business too. The difference is that when there is economic change that directly affects people like me, we don't try to bring the country to a halt demanding handouts. We don't because we can't, we'd like to, which makes us selfish bastards too.