Monday, May 19, 2008

Brand Aids

The inaccuracy of television subtitles is a source of regular annoyance, I specifically mentioned it yesterday as it was relevant at the moment that I was writing, and because the accuracy of message seemed very appropriate in a programme about how the advertising industry interprets the wishes of the client.

On that subject, what stood out for me yesterday were the claims by the creatives of the advertising agency that they were the only ones who really knew the essence of the brand, and much of their jobs consisted of convincing the account directors, and much of the account directors' jobs consisted of convincing the clients.

I don't have the specific quotes from Charles Saatchi and others used in the programme, but a similar sentiment is expressed here. And I'm not going to disagree with them anyway.

However the brand is arguably much more important to the advertising agency than to the client. Initially at least, the agency is judged on creativity, insight, brand recognition. The client is judged on sales and profits - the brand is just one of the symbols that is manipulated to get there.

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