Saturday, August 11, 2007

What is common sense?

Although the prompts for writing are only the humdrum daily stimuli received by a self-employed marketing consultant, this blog is an ongoing attempt to expose genuine original ideas, or at least to provide an original way of looking at things.

I expect that within a few seconds, a typical post may make you think "no bloody way!"

I hope that within another few seconds, you should think "actually, it's obvious!"

All within about a hundred words.

And I may throw in a bit of random personal stuff too.


Ann said...

You may have to try harder to either get me to 'no bloody way' in the first instance, or persuade me to change my mind if that were my initial reaction. :)

RNB said...

Yes, I suppose sometimes the odd person does agree with me ;)

Though I can still get that reaction and at other times you continue to disagree ... but I'm still working on that!