Sunday, August 12, 2007


Maybe I need to change my name to get more recognition.

After playing football this morning, I settled into a convenient position where I could watch the first live games of the premiership season on TV while also following the cricket on the internet.

Apart from Cricinfo, the Guardian does the best updates. And what do I see as soon as I log in:

5th over: India 10-2 (Dravid 0 Tendulkar 0) You get some pretty glorious names coming through your inbox when you do an OBO, but there are none better than Shubs Golder. "Is Ian Howell the worst umpire you've ever seen? I personally haven't seen an umpire so bad in a long time..." He has indeed been consistently awful Shubs. I'm just going to type that again - Shubs Golder. Wow. A maiden from Anderson.

I've known Shubs since he was a toddler. I still see him regularly. That is his real name. It seems a pretty ordinary name to me.

And he gets published, not because his comment was particularly witty or insightful (though it probably was) but because the person doing live text commentary liked his name!

That's all for today from me, Rayban Bannerboy.


Faisal said...

When it comes to names, nothing beats Wolfgang.

Faisal said...

I think the last few UN Secretary Generals have been chosen because of their distinctive names too.

Rana said...

Brij Lal.

You know how long I've waited to say that again ;)

Rita said...

Does Monika count as a Moniker when it's your real name?

v!sh said...

How does Sidebottom sound?