Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Yesterday evening, I watched some TV.

Imagine that you are a normal schoolkid. Imagine that you and your family have lived in the same neighbourhood for hundreds of years, in the same house for generations. Your parents have jobs. Your friends live nearby. Maybe you were once in that position. Maybe you are now.

Then imagine that you are suddenly told that because you are part of a "minority" (even if that minority is many millions of people) you must leave immediately. You are not told in so many words, but your house is burnt down by a mob, and if you are lucky then you are not beaten to death. You cannot take anything with you, you have no money and no food, and you will have to walk hundreds of miles to reach relative safety. As you walk for week after week, many of those who escape mob attacks will die of exhaustion or starvation.

If you make it over the border to safety, then what's left of your family has to start again from nothing. It has to battle with a million others in the same position. No job. No land. No home. No money. No support. No history.

I also spoke with my parents yesterday.


Faisal said...

What on earth are you referring to? Darfur? India/Pakistan split? Palestine? Aborigines? Native Americans?

I should call my parents.

Rana said...

I presume you are joking. I can't believe you would miss the link and miss today's date and miss the personal relevance ...