Thursday, August 30, 2007

An apology

Remarkably perhaps, nobody has yet asked me to apologise for any of the content in this blog. Give it time.

However, in a pre-emptive strike, I am going to apologise for some of the tone here. Because I am conscious that some of the articles may seem to have an "aren't I great" feel to them.

But there is a reason for that. I am running a small consultancy business and the main commodities sold are my knowledge and experience. I don't shout much in the real world, and the business has done minimal advertising. Even at the current client, there are those in marketing who can see my skills in number-crunching and analysis but perhaps assume lack of eloquence. If the client asks for routine tasks then there may be little scope for real creativity. Likewise those working in technology may see me in marketing and assume I have no IT project experience. I am conscious that anything I say here may help to confirm or upset those suspicions.

So I am sorry.


Ann Cardus said...

I think you should be apologising for not shouting in the real world.


Faisal said...

I don't get it. What are you apologizing for? Not being a jerk? Why would you feel the need to apologize for that?

You don't have to give in to convention, you know. Especially when it goes against your grain.

Rana said...

Yes, comments are correct. I was just being like the stereotypical English officer who feels the need to apologise for having to give orders. Those stereotypes don't really exist any more. And I'm not even English :)