Friday, January 04, 2008


Hospitals in Britain are shutting their doors to all non-emergency cases.

Why? Because there is a high chance that you will get sick if you go there.

Today it's more true than ever. There are two possible explanations:

a) this proves that modern healthcare should be completely replaced by alternative medicine - and you are crazy

b) viruses are constantly evolving and they are easily transmitted when people live and work in close proximity - and much of this crowded island is a human zoo


Faisal said...
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Faisal said...

There you go talking about things you don't understand again. Alternative medicine works. You are only so smart because you were forced to eat meat and potatoes at school.

If you had eaten the dairy products, your "shower insecurities" would have gone away too. Francis looooved ice cream.

RNB said...

I am confident of three things:
1. More people die in hospitals than anywhere else. That does not mean that hospitals should be closed.
2. Alternative medicine is medicine that has either not been tested or it has failed its tests - otherwise it would not be called alternative.
3. There is no easy answer.