Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lethal Weapons

Another gunman has gone on the rampage in the US. Another renewed call from some quarters to tighten gun laws.

I don't write here to expound my general political leanings. I do sometimes write here to make rarely heard (but obvious) political points.

So I suggest that these mass shootings do not really encourage more gun control. In fact I have some sympathy with the right wing NRA view that having "everybody" armed might have restricted the number killed yesterday from eight to perhaps four.

But it is madness to relax gun control. Not because of these isolated major news stories, but because of the intrinsic variability of human behaviour. There are always people who react badly to little incidents. From cutting them up in traffic, to looking at their girlfriends, to just not showing enough "respect", some lunatics react unpredictably and violently. Imagine if more of them were allowed to have guns.

So the thing that warrants even tougher control is that slow drip of unnecessary murders in areas where everybody has a gun, not these rare major incidents.


Ann Cardus said...

I, for one, should never be allowed to own a gun.

Rana said...

And you are not the most unhinged person that I know :)

Faisal said...

Oi, you talking about me? Alright, I admit it, I have definitely considered getting a license and owning a gun.

The murder rate might go up, but society would be better off if more meanies (not to mention vacuous retards) were removed from the streets and malls. ;)