Friday, December 07, 2007

Does a bee care?

As I briefly mentioned the United States yesterday, another quick word about US politics before the moralising gets too demoralising. Most of it is sickening. But one statement was almost funny. "It's scientifically impossible for the bumblebee to fly ... But the bumblebee, being unaware of these scientific facts, flies anyway."

Obviously it is not scientifically impossible, but equally obviously, nobody ever claimed that it was.

It would be easy to dismiss this proposition as a harmless urban myth, except that such statements are deliberately used by those who delight in defeatism, those who want to retreat from evidence-based development into a mythical fairytale bronze age theocracy.

Oh well. According to another idiot, Freedom Requires Religion, so I'd better convert to Islam, that's a religion, so that will increase my freedom.


Faisal said...

Why the constant digs at Islam, bro? You could well be freer if you convert...really, it depends on your understanding of freedom(s) and the degree of your faith.

Don't you wish some supermodel would start a religion?

RNB said...

The quotes were recent ones from a Mormon and a Baptist - so that's hardly picking on Islam.