Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Stock Tips

I'm a big investor. No real job, no real pension, so my future income is dependent upon my investments.

Admittedly this has been done without any major research. But in principle, without even thinking about it, my basic investment strategies have broadly followed the legendary Motley Fool guidelines and the even more legendary Warren Buffett guidelines:

Even my biggest financial mistake was made in accordance with those principles, though it was also based on a stupid anecdote.

So, after Telewest, apart from a series of technology stocks, my next two big investments were solid well known retail brands with prime high street locations, I thought they were undervalued shares with excellent potential being ripe for turnaround.

One of those stocks was Woolworths.

Anybody else out there who wants to follow my financial advice?


Ann said...

I think I might have heard this phrase before "The value of investments may go down as well as up."

Faisal said...

I followed your advice on two dot bombs. Surprised you still follow your own advice after that!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

RB - I said buy your employers if it dips below a squid. Now 66p, can't believe the potential!!

busana muslim said...

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