Friday, January 16, 2009

Air Bust

I said it would get personal, and it will get there gradually. First, I've mentioned regularly that I have a degree of competence in marketing technology, and once that I have a degree of competence in jet engine technology.

Consequently, topically, I was reassured to hear comparatively little bleating about the supposed "miracle" on Hudson river, and instead more emphasis on the skill and experience of the pilot and the strength of modern aircraft design, though perhaps we should also wonder who decided to develop a major airport in the middle of a densely populated urban area. But that was New York. I'm not even qualified to be a bus driver in London, though we shouldn't extrapolate from one moron to the rest of the public transport operation.

And on that note, proving that I really have left the world of serious work behind me for a while, the Carnival of the Godless is coming to these shores next week. Submit entries here.


Faisal said... has a good insight into this incident.

Rana said...

Yep, group dynamics are important too. But at this time of year when we get noticeably older [sic], it's good to see a story that so clearly shows the importance of "experience" - and of aircraft design.

Faisal said...

You're saying biplanes wouldn't float? Flying saucers wouldn't skip? Seriously, though, design-wise, it's a miracle the thing stayed afloat. It definitely isn't a good design for ditching. They should at least have very large drogues that can help slow the plane and, if designed to trap air and then get winched underneath the plane using batteries or propellor power, help the plane stay afloat longer.

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