Sunday, January 25, 2009

Carnival of the Godless 109

As in the skeptic games, this is a case of my own post not following my own rules. But it's probably justified occasionally - the big beasts of the blogworld like Pharyngula and Bad Astronomy rightly get plenty of traffic and plenty of publicity, but these odd carnivals are a chance for some less prominent posters to get a little more exposure. So all 19 submitted, in order of receipt:

01. If you swear upon a book of fiction
Does that excuse some faulty diction?

02. If sexuality's a choice, as you say,
When d'you decide you're not gay?

03. It still makes me wonder and chuckle
That religion makes grown adults suckle

04. You have no right to tell me what to do
Who to love and who to screw

05. Lots of loud and mad debates
Between those who take and make their fates

06. A founding father he may be
But Paine was hardly G.O.P.

07. Remember just who is the boss
The one who orders up this toss

08. Murderous dictators, he honestly said,
Are not as bad as old P-Zed

09. Pious man dies, that's a shame
Pious man saved, god's to blame

10. "Blindly follow these rules"
Orders for zealots and fools

11. We carry more hope than we should
But that's not necessarily good

12. If our bodies are so well "designed"
Then the designer who did it was blind

13. We're really not all the same
Except that we don't play that game

14. Like a snowball that's rolling downhill
The Ickefest is gathering swill

15. God may be sexy and hot
But merciful? No, he is not.

16. Oxymoron for christian nation
Simply: science education

17. Bible Magic's what he saw
He'd like to call it vjack's law

18. And to lead this godless fold
Newly ordained Rev'rend Gold

19. To end this back where we began
Obama. Wait to judge the man.

Or in more traditional exposition:

01. Mark P presents
Swearing In...the Oath posted at Proud Atheists.

02. The Whited Sepulchre presents
The Whited Sepulchre: Light To See By posted at The Whited Sepulchre.

03. PhillyChief presents
Religion is a Tit posted at You Made Me Say It....

04. Diana Hsieh presents
Duty of Sexual Restraint? posted at Politics without God.

05. Luke Muehlhauser presents
300+ Atheism vs. Theism Debates posted at Common Sense Atheism.

06. Ron Britton presents
The Separation of Logic and Fundie posted at Bay of Fundie.

07. Andrew Bernardin presents
God Commands: Stay in Line posted at the evolving mind.

08.. larryniven presents
Catholicism: false posted at Rust Belt Philosophy.

09. Seth Manapio presents
Whiskey Before Breakfast... the Blog: a little dose of god stuff posted at Whiskey Before Breakfast... the Blog.

10. Romeo Vitelli presents
Brother XII posted at Providentia.

11. Greta Christina presents
Is Hope Always a Good Thing? posted at Greta Christina's Blog.

12. Greta Christina presents
Stupid Design: Rube Goldberg Brains and the Argument for Evolution posted at Greta Christina's Blog.

13. Hank presents
Why I am not an atheist posted at Dangerous Intersection.

14. Enshoku presents
David Icke vs the reptoid army: Can the cats kill the jews? posted at Enshoku's Weblog.

15. Obadiah Shoher presents
God is merciful? posted at Samson Blinded.

16. vjack presents
How to Defend Science Education in Your State posted at Mississippi Atheists.

17. vjack presents
The Christian Bible is Magic: Introducing Vjack's Law posted at Atheist Revolution.

18. Ron Gold presents The Invisible Pink Unicorn: It's Official: I'm An Atheist Minister! posted at The Invisible Pink Unicorn.

19. Melanie Pinkert presents Religion and Politics: Making Peace with Obama's Peacemaking posted at BroadSnark.

And for the next COTG, welcome Ridger FCD.

Er. that's it.


Luke said...

Wow, you made them all a mini-poem. Nice.

Enshoku said...

The ickefest is gathering swill? I'm pretty sure it reached saturation point about 7 years ago. Unless we set Icke on fire, no more swill can be held...

Cuttlefish said...

Very nice!

It is not easy to distill a complex thought into a rhymed couplet--I am impressed!

... what? There's more? There are actually good articles to read?

*dives in*