Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Outlook Rules

We have already had the Top Five Spreadsheet Rules and Top Five Powerpoint Rules, and today I received an email suggesting that there should be only five Outlook rules for managing your email.

However, as you should know, I don't put stuff up here without adding some personal slant to it, so I suggest the five rules could be re-written as a few simple words that Dovetail (Alliterate).

So, Five Rules for your Email InBox:
  1. Do (Action)
  2. Defer (Adjourn)
  3. Delegate (Allocate)
  4. Direct (Answer)
  5. Delete (Avoid)

All your email drops into one of those five categories. Empty Inbox. Clean Mind. But still a big old tasklist.

1 comment:

Ann said...

Your next Top 5 could perhaps usefully be Top 5 ways to get the bloody job done with too little resource and too little time. I don't believe in miracles. Me neither.