Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Diversity (again)

I like it.

1. I like it that there are people like Sir David Attenborough who talk about the wonder of the natural world while casually throwing out metaphors such as "creatures perfectly designed for their environments".

2. I like it that there are people like Hemant Mehta who carefully prod the religions of the world, gently deconstructing outdated traditions with humour and civility.

3. I like it that there are people like AC Grayling who debate seriously with the pious, carefully dissecting their tired old ethical and moral arguments.

4. I like it that there are people like Richard Dawkins who respect religion enough to simply hold religious ideas to the same scrutiny and evaluation as any other transmitted ideas.

5. And I like it that there are people like Charlie Brooker who simply say that those who believe in superstitious nonsense are idiots or deluded fools.

That's diverse.


Faisal said...

There's a new movie out called Religulous. I hear it's good, but I haven't seen it yet.

Anonymous said...

Diversity isn't about giving anyone non white/male/hetrosexual a leg up, like at major corporations; it is about having weirdos like you working there. Karl Pilkington and Rana in the same room - that's what I would call diverse and wherever you two were would be the richer for it. That's the sort of diversity that benefits a corporation IMO and sadly that seems to get forgotton. Know any major motor manufacuters with laughable HR polcies in serious financial difficulties?? :-)