Friday, November 23, 2007

Should people be persecuted for what they write?

What triggered this? The Forum is angry about a "feminist writer". Critics say she called for the Koran to be changed to give women greater rights. Shocking isn't it.

The BBC seems to neither condemn nor condone the unruly behaviour. The article merely asks the question that titles this note.

I am not writing an answer. But if you suggest that certain thousand-year-old middle-eastern dictates should have no place in the modern world, then perhaps you should be persecuted too.


Anonymous said...

And if there be two sisters, then theirs are two-thirds of the heritage, and if they be brethren, men and women, unto the male is the equivalent of the share of two females.
Seems fair. Allah knows best.

Anonymous said...

Of course, all mankind should respect Allah.

Anonymous said...

And don't you dare write or do anything like:

RNB said...

The episode in Sudan was predictable. But if you can't even question whether the Koran is really the inviolate word of God, even in countries that do not currently have an Islamic majority, then the fascists have won.