Friday, November 30, 2007


So the teacher did not get lashed, but instead was sentenced to what today's headlines describe as "15 days in hell", though others claim that was not enough When she gets out and gets home, what will she say? Three possibilities:

1. I have realised the true error of my ways and converted. I now accept that xxxxx (whoever) is the one true messenger of god. All other supposed messengers were deluded.

2. I apologise sincerely. I did not mean to cause offence. I fully respect all those ancient laws. Islam is a religion of peace and understanding, and I did not understand.

3. What a bunch of fascist cowards. Is their religion really so pathetic that it can't take a bit of criticism? Or a joke. Are punishment and suppression their only responses to dissenting views?

I wish her well, but I predict she'll do a number 2.


Faisal said...

What a bunch of fascist cowards. I really wonder about these "Muslims"--absolutely pathetic. If this is really the conventional wisdom, then everyone who has named their child Muhammad needs to be strung up and punished first, followed by the children who dared to think up such a name for teddy bear.

Couldn't all this have been avoided with a simple phone call from a parent to the teacher, expressing concern and requesting that the name be changed?

Bigger question is, why do people from civilized countries go to Sudan? What could possibly be the appeal in visiting that shithole? Parachute in some food supplies over Darfur before flying on and strangle the gov't economically and stay the hell out.

Anonymous said...

Well said faisal!