Saturday, October 20, 2007


We went to the theatre today. Not just the local theatre but a proper full-on Cameron Mackintosh West End production. I had not bought the tickets myself - I would not have chosen either this particular show or this particular date. But as it was a heartfelt family present I was happy to go.

So I did not have high expectations. But I confess, it was truly magical. That is not the gushing sycophantic praise of professional critics who long to get quoted on billboards and invited for celebrity interviews. I mean it was magical like a magic show. Things were appearing and disappearing and time-shifting and flying around as though they were CGI effects. Amazing. Songs and music were ok too.

Now the difficult bit - next I will relate a classic stage magic trick to modern individualised marketing.


Esh said...

"... I was happy to go" - I thought you were at least honest in these blogs...!


RNB said...

OK Esh, you got me …

… well maybe not quite. I was initially a bit unhappy that it clashed with a big sporting fixture … but after I heard that the show got the thumbs-up from DJD then it did reassure me.

Plus I only said I liked the special effects anyway ;)

Faisal said...

Sounds like a fun show. What was it called?

RNB said...

Hmmmm ... mary poppins! So you can understand my initial reluctance ;)

But it was a great show. I have since learned that the special effects were designed by a chap called Jim Steinmeyer whose book on the history of magic was actually sitting on my bookshelf!