Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cooking Christmas Lunch

As it's festive break, please excuse a short personal post.

I rarely cook. But a recent long vacation in India (see here and here) reignited my taste buds. And I've discovered it's easy. Time-consuming and tedious, but easy. The results are excellent, even though I say so myself. Nobody else does.

My wife says it's because I have such low expectations. Because I like simple dals and tarkaris. But I do things properly, fresh spices - no pre-bought pastes, not because they are universally pricey, but because they are universally vile.

One issue is that you can only get these ingredients in "Indian" shops, not in the big supermarket that supply our basic weekly requirements. And those shops are a bit out of the way, designed for local users. Whenever we drive down, there's never anywhere to park. Problem.

Problem sorted. Tomorrow, while most of the world sits down to christmas lunch, I'll pop down then. They're always open. Thank god not everyone's a christian.


Faisal said...

So, shops are open in England on Christmas Day? That's fantastic! The US shuts down. Everything shuts down, and I mean every single thing. My gym, called 24 hour fitness, which is supposed to be open 24/7, shut down for 36 hours. Arse.

R N B said...

Yes, most shops are shut, but down at this little street of Indian shops it's business as usual.