Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sex Tests

With the Olympics fast approaching, the pinnacle of worldwide athletic achievement, there has been a bit in the news about the "embarrassing" and expensive tests that suspects will be forced to undertake to prove that they are female.

The solution is blindingly obvious. A cost save and an efficiency win. And a better purer competition.

Simply scrap the tests. Have one competition, open to anyone; male, female or transgender.

The point is similar to that I mentioned regarding fit women in short skirts.

But oh no say the dissenters, the vast majority; the women need a separate competition, something not provided to other genetic groups. Some women would certainly beat some men, but the top female would not expect to win against the top male. So we should restrict each contest only to those with particular characteristics? Well, arguably yes. We should restrict the competition to those who are genetically human. But within that rather broad category, the competition is to decide who can run the fastest, jump the highest, throw the highest, etc. Surely that is an olympic ideal.

As should be evident in my views on medieval religions, I'm not misogynist, I genuinely love diversity. It would be great to see a woman break through the hegemony of male domination and beat the men at their own game. All under-represented groups should be encouraged to compete. And as the number of olympic sports increases, I'd hope there will be new ones where women tend to hold the top positions, and it is only a few brave men who try to match them. But for that to be possible we need to scrap the sex discrimination.


Ann said...

You'd like to see women beat men at their own game. Sorry....whose game? Oh, it's a man's game. It's oh so clear, and so obvious Mr Non-Mysogynist. Would that be a man's game in a man's world?


R N B said...

I'm just saying

(urban dictionary word of today)

I knew you wouldn't approve. Facts remain.

proper bumhole said...

You forgot something - Modern sport is all about one thing - money. You have one competition replacing two competitions (male & female), you're going to lose sponsorship, fanbase and cash. How much money does the WTF make in tennis? They're not about to throw that revenue away by combining it with men's game.

R N B said...

It's a valid point about the money.

Why not have three competitions, with three times the money? Or more? Because the parts aren't equal. If you had a women-only competition in one week and an open-to-all competition in another week, see which gets the greater participation and the greater audience and the greater revenue.

Faisal said...

sexual olympics...