Thursday, September 13, 2007

Information Currency

A large proportion of my work is making sure that marketing metrics are timely as well as accurate.

It's now September. But in last week's issue, MarketingWeek used a full quarter-page to splash the results of the survey: Social Networking Sites: Top 10 Most Popular - 2006

The expected names were there: Bebo and MySpace at 1 and 2, each with about 13% of the market, then YouTube and Faceparty at 3 and 4 with about 3.5% each.

Despite the prominence of the table, these results were presented without comment.

I guess the magazine had paid a lot of money for a survey that the agency had finally collated and summarised. So they thought they may as well publish it.

Shouldn't they at least have
mentioned the growth of Facebook in 2007?


Ann said...

Maybe they should have mentioned it. Even Radio 4 mentioned it this last week. :)

RNB said...

It was outdated - I don't think the survey was worth publishing without a comment.

Just like my work reports, worthless without an explanation ;)