Sunday, September 09, 2007


Although the daily nature of this blog necessitates a topical prompt, I did want to avoid this becoming an online diary. However, I think the state of my head yesterday clouded my judgement. So completing yesterday's note a bit more clearly, here are generically the top five reasons for stopping drinking in the evening…

1. A general long-term health policy.

2. You run out of money. Either a simple lack of cash or a broader budget issue.

3. You run out of time. You live far away and there is a last train waiting.

4. You feel that you are losing control. You can no longer trust your own behaviour.

5. Even though you know that you've only had a few and other people are just warming up, the mother of all hangovers is already smashing around inside your head.

Only number 5 applies significantly here. I know that you are different.


Ann said...

Alternatively you could plan stopping in advance. Try the bladdered challenge:

RNB said...

A planned stop possibly still has one of the reasons above. Anyway just doing challenge now ...

... am I missing something, it only gave one hour to down the pints - we had eight (hours not pints :)

Ann said...

Hmmm. I died eventually.