Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weekend Abroad

Which of these reasons could you use to justify (if only to yourself) a weekend away that is very far away?

1. if the journey at each side is very easy. At this end if you live close to a tube station and can hop on the train to Heathrow. At that end if your destination is only 15 minutes from the airport.

2. if the flight itself is direct. Things can get stressful if there are interchanges and waiting around and potential missed connections. But if you can just settle down in your seat, flick through a magazine, have something to eat, watch a movie, catch a few hours sleep then wake up the next morning in the place you want to be, that's hardly more difficult than being at home.

3. if you have no luggage. As you are only going for a couple of days, you only need a few extra clothes.

4. if it's not really a "vacation", which would generally involve a holiday destination, but instead just visiting relatives. Related to the previous point, staying at home rather than hotel, you possibly have plenty of spare clothes there anyway.

5. if it is very very cheap. It would help if you had a close relative who worked for the airline.

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