Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I just got the idea from the Language Log, but imagine how the GOP poll ratings might slide if Sarah Palin were to be caught in an embarrassing situation after a few bottles of vino...

Lo Ho! Claret fades. Sarah harassed after alcohol.


Proper Bumhole said...

I've just come back from the US and it was 24/7 coverage of the Democrat/Republican Conferences. It's the biggest pile of politically correct toilet I've ever seen. Obama came from a poor background so he understands poor people, but guess what, he understands rich people too!! Then role out the token woman - either his wife or Hilary Clinton. McCain comes from a rich background so he understands rich people, but guess what, he understands poor people too!! Then role out the token woman - Palin.

Why do people believe this rubbish? One Democrat advert literally said "McCain doesn't know how many houses he has. He actually has 7. Don't vote for a man with 7 houses"

It's madness. I wonder how much helium will get used to inflate balloons once they start campaigning?

Proper Bumhole said...

The US Elections are like the Eurovision Song Contest. It's a farcical specticle, no one's really bothered about who wins, it's decided by tactical voting and the BBC give it far too much coverage.

Grrrrr, I'm getting wound up by it already.

Faisal said...

Americans politics are retarded. It's simply unbelievable what "sticks"...the politicians that figure out the message that sticks are the ones who get the vote.

It has nothing to do with their abilities or experience or character. It is all about their ability to convince. Or dupe.