Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Holiday Coast

No recent posts. Went on holiday to the coast for the English long weekend. Well, when I say "the coast" it's fairly loose terminology.

Imagine we live in mid New Jersey and rarely travel north. And I suggest to the holiday rep to book a place in Long Island, that's the place we want to be. But it's peak season, so unsurprisingly I get called back with the message that there were no vacancies at the obvious places there. So I say "ok then, at least get somewhere in New York".

We got a place in Albany.

Of course counties in England tend to be a lot smaller than states in America so the distances involved weren't quite so bad, but the basic relational geography stands. Sometimes we need to be clearer with our directions.


Faisal said...

Quite possibly the worst post I have ever read. Was this aimed at dumb Americans in the usual condescending British way, or was it an extension of your earlier cartographic efforts? Or did you smoke some strong stuff during your holiday?

I suggest a follow-up post about the sheer excitement involved in getting to the newsagents.

Scotland too far? Ireland? Frogland? Portugal? Denmark/Sweden?

R N B said...

It certainly wasn't aimed at dumb Americans. It was an admission of my own stupidity on the occasion of choosing a destination for a short holiday break. I only changed the place names from little towns in Southern England that "nobody" would have heard of so that people like you could relate to my (temporary) geographical foolishness.

Faisal said...

Sorry, was trying to be funny, but it came across as far too caustic. Hope you had a restful holiday.

Incidentally, have you considered renting a boat and just drifting down some of those canals they always show in the tourist brochures? That sounds like a very relaxing weekend.

Our long weekend is coming up, and I will be going to Seattle with Yasmin (friend's 40th b'day party, then a 6 mile race the next morning, if I can get up in time). She will then go on to Hawaii while I will do some biking in Vancouver and Victoria.