Friday, April 04, 2008

Sex With Vegetables

There are some things that I like about Ken Livingstone. Of course there are some things that I dislike too, for example his reputed association with religious bigots and his general support for incongruous skyscrapers.

But despite many practical difficulties with the implementations and pricing of his policies, his general attitudes to transport, housing and personal liberty have much to commend them.

However he has now crossed the line. While defending his decision to refuse to discuss his three children from earlier relationships, and making sure that the BBC beat the Mail to the exclusive story, he said that you should be free to do whatever you want in your private life "as long as you don't involve children, animals or vegetables"

Vegetables? So it is ok to abuse tomatoes then?


Cuttlefish said...

While a botanist says it's a fruit,
Thus abusing one would be a hoot,
It's a veggie by law
So you'd best stay your paw
Even if them tomatoes is cute.

R N B said...

I'll get you back on Friday ;)