Friday, February 08, 2008

American Football and Cricket History

I prescribe targeted marketing. I live in a transatlantic world. A few days ago I hinted at the biggest event in the "football" calendar, but I know that the terms used in "American" football mean nothing to most Europeans. I often mention cricket, but that means nothing to most Americans - and also to most Europeans. So this is going to be understood by a very small intersection indeed:

Superbowl - In football, a big game. In cricket, Shane Warne to Mike Gatting, setting the tone for a decade of Ashes dominance

Tight End - In football, offensive journeyman. In cricket, Glenn McGrath bowing a consistent line to keep the score down at one end, while Brett Lee attacks the other

Wide Receiver - In football, the guy who tries to run behind the defense and catch the forward pass. In cricket, standing behind the stumps to Steve Harmison on the first day of an away series

Time Out - In football, enough time for a few extra commercials. In cricket, enough time for a decent break, say 40 minutes for lunch, 20 minutes for tea

Touch Down - In football, possession in the opposing end zone. In cricket, Ricky Ponting claiming a disputed catch. Sorry.

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